Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh, What To Do???

Well, from last Friday evening up until today our life has been a roller coaster of emotions with this adoption. Long story short, we were planning on going with one agency all along when we realized that we would not be approved due to our large amount of student loans (mine mostly) that put us in a negative net worth, a requirement of this agency. The agency did tell us though that they were unique in requiring the positive net worth and that many agencies didn't. Of course this was told to me at 5pm on a Friday so I immediately went into panic mode. I emailed and called a few friends (new and old) that helped me immensely to provide encouragement and options...Thank you Hilary, Kara, Amy, and Harmony.

Since last Friday we looked into about 5 different adoption agencies across the US and have now narrowed our options down to 3 (maybe that's not that narrow!) and we could really use anyone's input and advice. I have spoken to various people at all agencies and everyone has been super nice, given me great vibes, no problems or concerns whatsoever. One agency was recommended by a friend, one by another and one I just stumbled upon looking for a home study agency and realized they also have an Ethiopia adoption program and are located just 2 hours away from us.

So this is what we're looking at

We want to figure this out soon because our plan has been to submit our application at the end of August and that is coming up so 3 packets in front of me right now...what to do, what to do???

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  1. My thoughts are pray, pray, pray. We had it narrowed down to two, and the one we picked just seemed to be the best fit, and we have no regrets. (We picked AWAA by the way! {wink})


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