Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adoption Agency

Well we are officially going to be using Dillon International as our adoption agency and we couldn't be more excited!  They are based out of Tulsa which is just 2 hours from our house and we just love everyone we have spoken to so far, not to mention we're pretty happy with the wonderful reviews and ratings they have received.

We are working on our application as we speak and will be sending in part 1 of 2 this week!  Although the process and costs are about the same with all agencies for adopting in Ethiopia each agency does things a bit different.

Our process with Dillon will be as follows:
1.  Submit application part 1  ($50)
2.  Attend an online pre-adoption workshop and when complete submit application part 2 ($300)
3.  Attend the international adoption seminar/counseling/training in Tulsa ($120)
4.  Approval of application- program management fee part 1 ($3500)
5.  Home study done ($1500)
6.  USCIS fingerprints and fees (~$900)
7.  Approval of home study- program management fee part 2 ($3500)
8.  Refundable  deposit after home study approval ($500)
9.  Begin dossier and pay fees related (~$900)
10.  Receive referral (our child) and accept ($2225)
11.  Paperwork submitted on acceptance of child and about 2 mths later the court date is assigned...this is when both Jason and I will be traveling to Ethiopia for court and will be able to meet our child!  (Travel and accommodation expenses can vary in cost depending on time of year from $3800-5500 for both parents)
12.  Child's medical exam, US Visa and other expenses also paid ($800-1600)
12.  6-8 weeks later at least one parent returns to Ethiopia to bring home our child (again travel costs are dependent and for 1 parent range from $2300-3300)
13 Final fees paid in country during last travel ($4500)
14.  Post-placement home studies at 3, 6 and 12 mths ($1400)

Total Time Range (from submission of application to bringing baby home):  9-15 mths
Total Cost Range:  $26,295-29,795

We are very excited to share every step along the way with you and hope we can answer any questions you may have along the way.

With Love,
The O'Neals


  1. Very excited for you guys...can't wait until Saturday!! :)

  2. Thanks Kelly...I invited Hilary and her family too so we might all just get to meet! I am SO excited!


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