Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inspired from a friend

I'd Choose You...

(this picture taken from website)

Over This...

Or This...

Or any other material item...again and again and again!

We often hear people say they would love to adopt- but they cannot afford it.

They believe there is no way they could come up with the large sum of money it cost to adopt.

And yet, many times, without even realizing it-they are investing even more into the 'finer' things in life.

They have fallen into the trap of believing that things make them important, things make them accepted and things make them happy.

And that is such a lie.

There are children all over the world, even in our own back yard, waiting for someone to realize their real value...

Waiting for you to see them for the true treasures they are...

Waiting for someone to realize THEY are the finer things in life...

Waiting for someone to choose them over a lifestyle.

This post was inspired (and mostly copied from another family's blog I follow. They are a wonderful family and I encourage you to check out their story. They are a family of 11 (9 children, 5 of whom were adopted) visit them at

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