Our Adoption Timeline

We started as a family of 3...
then we started ADOPTION #1
April 10, 2010:  Decided to get serious about adopting...it was always the plan but officially started looking at agencies and planning. 
May 9, 2010:  Announced our news of adopting from Ethiopia
August 24, 2010:  Sent in Application Part 1
August 31, 2010:  Approval of Application Part 1
October 2, 2010:  Handed in Application Part 2
October 22, 2010:  Approval of Application Part 2 (unofficial dossier)
November 22, 2010:  Home study done
January 7, 2011:  Received finalized home study
January 10, 2011:  Mailed off USCIS application
February 8, 2011:  USCIS appointment
March 5, 2011:  Received our notice of favorable determination letter from the USCIS
April 9, 2011:  Handed in our dossier!!!!
July 6, 2011:  Dossier mailed to Ethiopia, officially on the wait list!!!!!
February 27, 2012:  Accepted our sweet little boy off the waiting child list
March 16, 2012:  Found out we got a court date!!!!
April 18, 2012:  Court Date in Ethiopia
June 26, 2012:  Embassy Date

July 1, 2012:  Arrived home in Oklahoma as a family of 4!
Now we are working on adding more to our bunch in ADOPTION #2
May 2013:    Announced our adoption
Sept 2013:   Home-study visits completed
Oct  2013:   Officially approved to adopt through Adoption Advocates International (AAI)
Nov 2013:    USCIS fingerprints done
Nov 2013:    USCIS approval to adopt a child 0-5 yrs old
Dec 2013:    Completed our dossier
Next step:  raising the final amount needed to submit our dossier and then we wait for "The Call"