Our Fundraisers

Through an amazing organization called Ordinary Hero (OH), people are able to make donations to them on behalf of our family and they are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!  There is a small percentage taken out of the overall donation to go to OH but they do such wonderful things all over the world and need all the help they can get to keep doing what they do. 
To make a tax deductible donation on behalf of our adoption you can go here:  http://grouprev.com/expectingfromethiopia
Also through OH, we are an affiliate adopting family which means we can sell their t-shirts, hats, ornaments, travel mugs, etc and get 40% of the proceeds. They really are great quality, cute prints and are good for anyone, adopting or not....do you know anyone you would consider to be a hero to you or someone else?  Or anyone making a difference in this world for any reason?  If so they make the perfect gifts, teachers, pastors, babysitters, family, friends, or of course other adopting families.  
To check out the OH store go here:  http://www.ordinaryherostore.org/  when you check out click on "o'neal, joely" as the affiliate name to make sure it goes to our adoption.