Friday, April 1, 2011

Upcoming Adoption Benefit BBQ Dinner Information

I am so excited to finally get to post about this as we have the tickets ready to sell and are working hard to get everything ready for the event.  So what is this event you ask?  We are one of 3 families that are hosting this benefit dinner to help raise money for our adoptions through tickets sold for a BBQ dinner and with a silent auction. We are still working out all the details but are hoping to make this even not just about raising money to bring our children home, but also raising awareness to the orphan crisis.

The plan for the night is that we will start at 5pm with dinner and silent auction to go on throughout the night.  In addition to the dinner and silent auction, there will be music, door prizes, some guest speakers, videos, and more!  Of course the theme is cowboys/cowgirls so we encourage everyone to dress accordingly although it is not required.  It will be fun for the whole family and kids 3 and under can eat free!

You can buy tickets directly on our blogs through the PayPal link posted off to the side or just email one of us or post on our blogs and we will see that you get your tickets.  $15.00 for adults, $5.00 for children over 3 and 3 and under eat free.

If you have anything you would like to donate to our auction or have any ideas for us we would love to know and will be more than happy to include it in.

So do you want to know a little about each family? ( the Brown's and Schlups, hope you don't mind I borrowed some pics from FB to add to this post...please let me know if you have a different one you want posted)

  Christy & Tyson have 2 boys Winston & Wyatt and have just mailed off their application to adopt a little girl from Ghana.  We met the Browns when mutual friends knew that we were both adopting and thought that we should meet, so glad we did!  We love this family so much and have been blessed to have Tyson hired on as our outreach missions pastor (did I get that right guys?) at our church so we get to see them even more now!

 Amy & Rob are parents to Rylan & Kyndal and are adopting a 13 year-old boy named Jimmy from Haiti.  There story is quite amazing of how they came to meet and decide to adopt Jimmy so I really encourage you to read their story.  We met this family at our first It's A Child's Life meeting and are so excited to watch their journey and be a part of bringing Jimmy home!

The O'Neals
Of course that's us!  Joely & Jason O'Neal parents to Jalen and adopting a boy or girl under the age of 2 from Ethiopia.  We were waiting on a few last documents to get finalized and will have our dossier in the mail this week! 

Hope to see you there!!!!