Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fingerprints done...check!

So we haven't submitted our official application yet but the plan is to do so in 2-3 weeks so we're getting close! We have been told that one of the steps to do after applying is getting your FBI fingerprints done and can be the step that holds everything up as it can take 6-8 weeks to process at best! We decided to get that step out of the way so it can start getting processed so we headed to the local police department this week and got it done. This is just the beginning of the many steps we will be making to bring a new child into our family and it feels so good to start crossing off the to-do list.


  1. We got ours back a lot quicker than we thought. I hope you do too!

  2. Sometimes it can take awhile. When I worked at Citizenship and Immigration I worked on adoption file processing, it just depends on how back logged they are. Hope it goes quickly for you.

  3. Hi- excited for you guys. Can you email me I have a question. :) block amy at hot mail dot com


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