Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Extravaganza Approaching

Who: Jason & Joely O'Neal
What: A garage sale/lunch and coffee (and maybe baked goods)
When:  Fri, Oct 8th & Sat, Oct 9th
Where:  At our church H2O Church on the corner of Main St & Broadway in Ada, OK
Why:  To raise money for our adoption
How:  by the help of SO many friends (we definitely could not do this on our own)

EXTRAVAGANZA is the only way I can describe what is to come this weekend for our garage sale and I cannot wait!  This all began as a plan in the beginning of summer to have a little garage sale at our home around July to raise money.  After telling one of the pastors at our church he said if we were gonna do it, we should do it at the church and wait until Ada's fall festival so more people would be around.  So from that day months and months ago, this garage sale has now turned into many, MANY families from our work, church, and neighborhood donating items to sell to the point that our garage is packed and we haven't even gotten stuff from at least 5 other families that want to donate.  Not to mention we combed through our garage, attic and house today and compiled a lot of large containers of clothes, home decor, kids stuff, care seats and more.

On top of a garage sale, we had a friend at church offer to smoke beef brisket on a large smoker to sell as another fundraiser during the garage sale.  This requires him to stand outside and begin smoking it at midnight Friday night to be ready to sell by Sat early afternoon.  Some other people have offered to hang out and keep him company as well and we are going to bring them a heater and some snacks while they do such a huge favor for us!  Jason looked into it and because our church is also a coffee shop/lunch venue known as HeBrewz a few days a week we can sell food out of it without needing a license.  The chamber of commerce also said that if we were to serve food that would help them because they were in need of finding food vendors for the events so we will be selling lunch (brisket sandwich + chips + a drink for $5.00) and all the proceeds will go towards our adoption.  I was also approached tonight by a sweet friend at church about doing a bake sale too so that might also be going on!

...and then we of course want to promote Ethiopian coffee so I purchased a couple bags of coffee from our Just Love Coffee website and we will be selling cups of it as well.  I have started making signs for the garage sale and have business cards for the coffee, our website and thank yous to all who come by that day.
It has just been amazing to see so many people approach us to help in any way they can and we are so thankful for the wonderful friends we have made since living here in only 1 year!  We also are so thankful for our church as they have been so supportive of what we are doing and are just awesome in what they are constantly doing to help others out...Thank you H2O Church and to everyone who is helping us in some way or another and just letting us know you support us, we appreciate it SO much and are so thankful for each and every one of you!!!


  1. Ooh I love where you all have gone with this! We plan to do a big yard sale in January, and I am totally stealing your idea and having a meal provided!

  2. Hurray! It sounds like you are going to have an amazing garage sale/lunch etc. I will be praying for you guys! We are also having our huge garage sale that day. Let's pray for sunny skies in OK! :)

  3. Wow!! This sounds like it will be a HUGE weekend! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  4. Praying for this weekend friend! It's gonna be great I just know it!

  5. May God show up BIG for you this weekend! :o)

  6. Wish we were closer! I'd love to come by. Can't wait to hear how everything went. What a wonderful church family you have!


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