Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amazing People All Over the Place!

I am finding myself having to write a whole lot down lately.  I have "to-do" lists for everything in my life right now:  around the house, work/patient notes, adoption, fundraisers, and lately a whole lot of names to have on my "thank you" list!  In the past week we have had SO many people come forward with ways they want to help us here in OK and in AZ.  I wanted to write about some of the recent people who have been in our life and just made us smile really big...we are SO blessed to know these people!

A very sweet friend from church, started off calling us about items his family had to donate to our garage sale, this then tuned into him getting a huge trailer to help us haul all of the stuff from our house to the church Thurs night as well as to load up other items from the house of another sweet friend from church and bring back to the church so we can set-up before Fri morning.  Not that that wasn't enough he then took it upon himself to go around to various meat markets and stores in our town to ask if they would donate brisket to our fundraiser and was able to get a lot donated.  That is a lot of footwork that saved us a lot of time!  He will also be hanging out from midnight on Fri night to help with brisket for Saturday's events.  And again and again he has offered up his time and whatever he can do for us...mind you we just met him and his family last week!

Another friend from church who thought of the idea of smoking a brisket to sell, has been so excited and helpful with figuring out what all we need and offering to get items donated from friends he has in the area.  And let me say this again...he will be hanging outside from midnight and on to get all the brisket smoked (a 12-hr process).  We have known him ever since we started going as he is the main greeter when you walk in but we've only really got to know him over the past week or so.  To do this for us and at the end of a very crazy work week in which he is traveling to FL and will return Thursday, he then took off Fri and is designating his time on Fri and Sat to helping us!!! 

So moving onto the next amazing person, another new friend from church called me last night to say she had some stuff to donate to the garage sale but also wanted to let us know that her and her husband own a local BBQ place and said whatever they can do to help they would love to, future events with smoked turkey legs, or whatever they can help with they will! 

Now this next person entered into our lives about a month or so ago, another church friend who before meeting us, heard about our story and decided that her and her family wanted to help contribute to our adoption and their generosity didn't stop then.  She has offered to put on a bake sale during the garage sale and has offered up her and her families abilities to help us with whatever we need...even offered to have her babysitter stay longer so both her and her husband can be there to help...I mean seriously you would think all of these people have been in our lives forever!

Now some out of state friends...you may remember me posting about a friend I grew up with in IL who then moved to AZ and is a photographer there now, had offered to make September a month of photography for families at discount with all of the proceeds going towards our adoption as well as another long time friend who is also adopting from Ethiopia.  Today we received a check in the mail from Lindsey with a card thanking US for allowing her to be a part of our journey...ummmm Lindsey, THANK YOU!

Yesterday I received an email from a newer blogging friend who is also adopting from Ethiopia, letting me know that  she has decided to start buying their Ethiopia coffee from our website in support of us...again, yes they are also adopting.  You just gotta love the direct support received from other families in the same shoes!

Another good friend of ours from 5-6 years ago in AZ has offered to host a garage sale in AZ so all of our friends and family there can donate items and proceeds will go towards our adoption.  Again we really are lucky, blessed and thankful for everyone in our lives, it just makes this journey even more memorable and special and makes us want to work harder than ever to bring our baby home and continue working and fighting to help the orphans in this world be no more!

Well I think now that this is turning into a novel and it is nearing midnight, I should cut this one off...but don't worry there will be more to come.  I don't want to leave anyone out and want to give credit where credit is due so stay tuned.  Thank You so much to ALL of our friends and family and a BIG thank you to our church H2O and Pastors Gary and Zac for allowing this upcoming weekend to happen and for being so supportive of what we are doing! 

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  1. There's some everyday hero's right there if you ask me!


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