Saturday, October 16, 2010

T-Shirts are Back and Ready to be Ordered...Who Wants One???

I have had many requests for our t-shirts since the last ordering link closed so to all who have asked about them...they are back!  We have been using Explosion Sportswear to have them made but this will be the last time we are able to use them.  They have been just awesome in allowing all the proceeds to go to our adoption but I know they are getting very busy and the 4th time around will be the last with them :)

 Women's Burn-out Tee (fitted and very soft!)

Men's/Uni-Sex Tee (50/50 blend, also very soft!)

 You can order shirts until NOV. 1st at 10 AM (MST) and this time they are a bit different.  We decided to narrow the shirts down to one women's burn-out shirt in chocolate brown and one uni-sex/men's shirt in white.  We also removed the back from the uni-sex/men's shirt and on the women's shirt just kept a picture of Africa with a heart over Ethiopia.  This way if you do not want "Expecting from Ethiopia" on your shirt, it won't be there, since not everyone is adopting from ET or adopting at all that are buying our shirts :)

SIZING:  The shirts are the same sizes as before.  The burnout shirt runs small so order 1 size up and the uni-sex shirt comes in XS-XXL so women can order these too (for example an XS in the unisex shirt fits like the M in the burnout shirt)

COST:  Women's Burn-out Tees are $25.00 & the Men's/Unisex Tees are $20.00.

Thank You So Much for you continued support!!!  We just found out that we did "a great job" on application part 2 (aka: our dossier prep/HS prep/paperchase) and other than 2 items our agency is waiting on from other people we will be good to move forward...Home Study here we come!

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