Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garage Sale Pictures and End Result

So our Garage Sale Extravaganza was a success!  We went from Friday 7am-4pm and Saturday 8am-4pm at our church while Ada Autumn days celebrations were going on and not only provided a large and over-whelming garage sale, but also had a bake sale, Ethiopian coffee sale and a HUGE hit lunch for $5.00 including wonderfully 12+ hour smoked brisket sandwiches that went so quick I almost didn't get any for myself!  We were sleep deprived, food deprived and later realized slightly dehydrated but all in all I would say it was well worth it.  Not only did we have a good time, met a lot of people and were able to share our story with them, we also made $3,500 to go towards our adoption!!!!  Here is the event in pictures below, not in order but they have captions
A dear friend, Mike, smoking up some brisket for us to sell

Inside of He Brewz, our church's weekday lunch stop that on this day served up the coffee, baked goods and lunch!

Just found this fact fascinating and thought I'd share
Standing out in front of the garage sale, taking a break to enjoy the sun and watch the parade

Our 1st customers and how sweet were they!

my shoe table...one of the only tables I got to fully organize...if only all the tables were as easy to see

The book table and this wasn't it even at it's fullest!

A view of some of the tables and clothes racks...thanks to my friend Natalie for providing these racks!

The crazy clothes tables...just too many items to organize especially when the majority of the clothes came to us on Thurs night, so it really was a needle ina  haystack type of shopping here
baked goods table...chocolate chip cookies, puppy chow, Texas sheet cake and pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting

The wonderful hard workers behind the counter...Mike, Tiffany, Zac and Greg!!! We love you guys!!!!!

Jalen watching the parade with Daddy, Nana, and Boompa

So we had a great time and plan to do another garage sale in the Spring, but this time we'll have it at our house and it will be much smaller!  We did get rid of almost everything we had there and were able to help a  couple that had nothing, make their apt a little more like home as well as were able to hear a lot of great stories of how we were helping someone else that really needed something but couldn't afford one normally.  At 3:30pm it was pretty much take whatever you want for whatever you want to give and this included nice TVs, furniture, lots of clothes and more!


  1. Amazing! I don't know if I've ever heard of such a successful garage sale.

  2. Wow, Wow, WOW!!! That is amazing! I would definitely say that was a HUGELY successful garage sale!! So happy for ya'll! Praise God!

  3. I'm so happy for you guys!!! God is SO faithful! I'm working on my own garage sale post! I can't wait to meet you guys!


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