Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Than Half Way There

I have finally updated the fundraising thermometer to the left with the money we have been saving and from what we raised running in the Chosen (half) Marathon and GUESS WHAT????  We are more than half way there!!! 

When we started this journey, $24,000 sounded like a whole lot to save and fundraise for.  Then when costs started going up (an extra trip to Ethiopia required, more documents needed and more expenses to be paid in country for birth parent court needs and such) and hearing that $30,000 was more what the end bill would be, it was even more intimidating.  I can honestly say that we never had a doubt that it wouldn't happen.  I have often heard from a good friend also adopting..."if it's God's will, it's God's bill" (or something like that) and I hear that in my head every time I start to get a little anxious and it makes me feel just a little bit more at peace.

I wanted to re-cap our fundraisers, since we started, to help other families wondering "how do people do it?" and also to show just how many people were involved in all of it.  Fundraising is hard work as any adopting mama knows.  Lots of thinking, planning, worrying, praying, and long hours of actually carrying out each fundraiser and posting it on blogger, FB, and emailing everyone you know and although it would be so much easier if we had enough money to just cover it ourselves, I have to say it has really given us a platform to share our story.  It has given us a chance to get the word out about orphans and the worldwide needs that common middle class families like ourselves can actually make a difference in.  So here it is....

Mary Kay 
Massive Garage Sale and Lunch  
Puzzle Piece and Auction
BBQ Benefit Dinner  
147 Million Orphans Gear
Thirty-One Parties
Just Love Coffee
Chosen (half) Marathon for Adoption
...stay tuned for the next one COMING SOON 

Finally I just have to say I am so thankful that we are on this journey and that God is in support of it because He has provided through amazing friends, family and strangers, for every bit that has been needed since the start and we know He will continue to provide until we bring our "big brother" home!

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