Friday, June 11, 2010

Mary Kay and T-Shirts Coming Soon!

Mary Kay orders are in and will be sent out tomorrow! We have extended the t-shirt ordering to go through the weekend and the t-shirts will be printed next week and shipped to me soon after so you all should be receiving your orders very soon. Thank you to all who order thus far and if you haven't ordered yet and want to, we will be running the t-shirts again in another week or two, also you can always order Mary Kay by clicking on the link I have posted in the right column of this blog.

We didn't advertise or get the word out much about the t-shirts this go-around but are planning to do so next time to hopefully increase the amount we are able to sell. Because the t-shirt orders for this time weren't too huge, they will be digitally printed on the shirts versus screen printed. If we can get more orders placed next time around they will be screen printed. To be honest I don't know what the difference will be but they should both look great! I will take pictures of all of us wearing our shirts when we get them so you can see what the finished product looks like.

Many of you have asked how you can help and honestly the best way is to just help us get the word out about what we are doing. Please feel free to email our blog to anyone you know, the best advertising is always word of mouth and we appreciate those of you who have already helped up by doing that.

Again we couldn't do this without all of your help and support.

Amesegënallô (AH-mah-say-guh-NAH-loh)
that is Thank You in Amharic (the main language spoken in Ethiopia)

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