Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nearing the End of This Road...

Each week that gets closer to us having our son home is almost (ALMOST) bittersweet!  I think like everything when you are with something so long and know a certain lifestyle for so long, it becomes sad to kind of have to say good-bye.  This may be encouraging for those of you waiting right now, although you are ready for things to move forward and get your referral, meet your child or bring them home, enjoy every minute because soon it will be over and you may not know what to do with your self.  I can say I am SO looking forward to having our boy home, as well as being done with crazy paperwork, late nights, fundraising, planning, and worrying and just be a family without feeling like I'm on a timer to have family time and also get adoption work in. 

Because it has been over 2 years since we decided to start this Ethiopian adoption, it is all we know now.  We juggle full time jobs, t-ball, softball, church, life group, an orphan ministry, birthday parties, family trips and needed family time with adoption stuff (paperwork, education, fundraising, blogging, emailing, planning, budgeting, post office trips (many of them) and preparing the home for a new child).  Anyone that knows us, knows us as the family that is always on the go, always busy and never resting.  Although we have become accustom to this lifestyle and I know I may sometimes look back and grieve that we no longer have it, I am VERY much looking forward to JULY!  With the exception of some home study updates and little things adoption finalization related, it will be completed, t-ball and softball will also be over and I will be on a leave from work for 4 consecutive weeks and then likely 2 weeks around when school starts.  During this time I will be enjoying my family and working with our 7 year old Ethiopian son on learning English, and just bonding with him and allowing him and Jalen to bond as brothers.  I will continue to blog because it helps me keep a "journal" and feel accountable knowing someone is reading it...hopefully :)
my sweet Jalen at t-ball
Right now we are looking at being in Ethiopia the last week of June to bring our son home.  No definite clearance or embassy appt yet but we do have the final step, the birth parent embassy interview next week and then we will be cleared soon after! A bit over 2 weeks left (likely) in this journey that started over 2 years ago.  We are wrapping things up now, final education requirements, final funds needed, the final trip planning and preparation and final touches on our home and our son's new bedroom that he will share with his brother Jalen who is beyond excited to get him home!
the boys room, almost complete!
Thank you for praying for us, please keep praying us out until the end.  God has been gracious to us and we have been blessed by Him through so many of you and look forward to seeing how He uses us to bless many many more people! 


  1. love the bunkbed! so excited for you guys!

    1. thank you!!! I'll post final bedroom pictures once it is all done but we can't wait to have both of our boys sleeping in there!


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