Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Birthday Wishes

Last week was quite eventful and I am praying that this week continues.  Tuesday we were submitted to embassy, Wednesday we got an email saying part 1 of the orphan determination was cleared and on to part 2, Thursday we got an email saying part 2 was cleared and they were ready to schedule the birth parent interview!  This in the past has taken weeks and it took DAYS!  So now we are praying that the interview gets scheduled in the next 2 weeks and we will be right on track to be in Ethiopia again THIS MONTH!

So tomorrow is my birthday, not a big one, but 1 year after the big 3-0 and although it isn't a "big number birthday" I am praying it is big in a different way.  So my specific birthday wishes are:
    1.  I get an email stating the birth parent interview has been scheduled and is within the next 1-2 weeks
    2.  That we receive news about an adoption grant we applied for to help off set some of the rest of the needed funds.
    3.  And the biggest prayer is that I will be on a plane on June 24th headed to Ethiopia to bring our son home forever!

In the mean-time this week is also coming with other eventful things that I am very much looking forward to and will help keep my mind from constantly thinking about dates, times, flights, and all that consumes it right now.  Tomorrow night my sweet husband set up a dinner with a bunch of friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town, Tuesday Jalen has his T-ball team pictures and Jason has a softball game, Thursday both of my boys have games (t-ball and softball) and Saturday our wonderfully supportive, loving, amazing and God given friends are throwing us a shower for Fetinet, what a fun week ahead :)

In other news....
The Raffle Fundraiser is still going on and right now our total needed is down to $6,435.  You have 6 days left if you want a chance at the Kindle Fire amongst other prizes and the winners will be drawn on Saturday, June 9th!

and check this out....Our of our good friends is also doing a wreath fundraiser for us so if you would like one of her "All Season Shabby Chic Burlap Wreaths"for  $30  (includes: 1 burlap wreath with 5 seasonal flower pins for Valentines Day, Spring, Patriotic, Autumn and Christmas. If you would like to purchase one, please contact my sweet friend Leanne.  Leanne is writing a book that you will get to read one day but for now, you can read about her on her awesome blog

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  1. Joely! This is all so exciting! You have 2 sons and they will be under one roof soon!


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