Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yay for More Adoptive Families in Oklahoma

I was starting to feel like we were one of the only families adopting a child from Ethiopia in Oklahoma when we started talking to people about it.  I thought, man are we going to be explaining quite a bit to our friends and co-workers about "Why Ethiopia?", "Why adoption?", "Why adopt from a different race?" and Yes, we have had to answer many of these questions over and over but I am now finding that we are not the only ones adopting from Ethiopia in Oklahoma and I am SO excited to be developing a friendship base with other families nearby.  So here is my list of those families I have met thus far and please feel free to let me know if you know someone not on this list in or nearby Oklahoma.


Kelly and Dillon
Jennifer and John   (check out the sweet post Jennifer just wrote about my artwork...just made my day!)
Scott & Toni
Rachel and Scott
Matt and Sarah 

and of course my dear friend of (gasp) almost 20 years!!!  Hilary and Joshua  they;re not in OK but very close and only 2 hours from us.

For all of you in the area, remember November 6th at Queen of Sheba for the quarterly Ethiopian Fellowship Group gathering....we can't wait and will see you there!!!


  1. I was just thinking about you and the Queen today!! Can't wait to see yall again!!

  2. Yay for adopting friends! I only have a couple of them, none are ET families.

    I get the questions too. The most common being, "Why not adopt from the US when there are so many kids who need families here?" Which causes me to launch into a tirade about the volume of orphans in ET versus here, the fact that you usually have to foster if you want to adopt from here, and the fact that we feel called to Ethiopia.Whew.

  3. Hurray! Some of these are families I didn't know about! I can't wait to meet all of you guys! We will definitely be at the Queen. We went there for the first time on Saturday and loved it! I have met some more OK families too. I will pass on their blog info to you soon.

  4. I LOVE that we have been friends for almost 20 years! How lucky are we that we've stayed in touch AND that we're both adopting?!
    Joshua and I need to take a look at the calendar about the Queen of Sheba dinner... I got your message about coming a couple weeks ago, sorry I haven't gotten back to you about that! I so hope we're able to swing it! love you friend!

  5. Kelly- so excited to see you guys again too at the Queen!

    Lara- I know exactly what you wanna just have something typed out to hand to people on the facts about Ethiopia and why you're doing what your doing and say here read this then you'll understand.

    Sarah- Can't wait to meet you and glad I could help...definitely send me your list and I'll compile. I know there is a Tulsa playgroup already formed but I think it would be so awesome for us all to keep in touch and have play-dates with our future little ones too.

    Hil- I hope you guys can make in in Nov! Just let me know whenever, we're going for sure! Love you too!

  6. My husband and I live in Edmond, OK and JUST started our adoption journey. We are hoping to adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia. I'd definitely like to get to know more Oklahoma families adopting from ET like us! I also just started a blog


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