Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outlive Your Life

So every morning while driving Jalen to daycare and myself to work I usually flip though the radio stations to either listen to funny talk radio shows or for some of my favorite country songs but every once in a while I will click on KLOVE to see if there is a song I like or something particularly interesting to talk about.  Today it was definitely my day and time to switch over to that station.  Right as I pushed the button I heard "September is Outlive Your Life Month..." and before I heard anything else I knew exactly what they were going to be saying.  I knew a message was about to be given on doing things with your life to make a difference and immediately I was excited to hear what their ideas were but also part of me was wishing this was being broadcasted on other mainstream channels like my country station so more people could hear this.  I felt once again I was going to be confirmed about what we are doing is what we need to be doing but couldn't help but also feel like "I already know this...tell this to the people that haven't learned this yet."  Side Note:  You see, I have this problem with being so passionate about something and not understanding why everyone else in the world isn't as well :)

This Outlive Your Life month is coming in conjunction with what seems to be a wonderful book.  Max Lucado has written a book with this title and was speaking on KLOVE this morning about how it came to be.  In short, he was having a conversation with a friend and was asked "what do you think your great grandkids and their kids, etc will think when they know you lived in a world with so many hungry people and did nothing to help?"  This sparked something in him and he decided to write this book and get this...100% of the royalties from Outlive Your Life products will benefit children and families through World Vision and other ministries of faith-based compassion, like building water wells in Uganda.  I can only hope and pray that more people will ask themselves this question and then act on it!  You can go to the website  and download the first chapter. 


  1. I've been wanting to read this book and I love World vision, so now I have a good reason to buy it!

  2. So glad you posted about this book! I had not heard of it yet, and now I think our book club at church is going to read it this fall! It sounds awesome!!


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