Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ethiopia Trip in Pictures

We have been home for just over 1 week now and we are all learning how to become a family of 4 and show our son what a family is.  The first week wasn't easy but with each challenge we seemed to take a step forward and today so far has been the first day that I feel Fetinet has started to feel more comfortable being here.  We have have had moments of shutting down over a food placed in front of him to him asking for that food the next day, moments of shutting down over doing school work to enjoying it more and being a little more comfortable with mom giving directions to help, moments of not sharing to willingly giving up a toy to his little brother to play with, and I am learnign more Amharic as he is learning more English. Fetinet understands more than he can speak but his English speaking is coming along and he is starting to use English words or short phrases on his own.  It's only week 1 and we have 6 more before school starts so I am anxious to see what I am writing then but I will say we are very blessed to have him here and when we see him smile, laugh and look content here it warms my heart.  I'm sure he doesn't fully understand what it is to have a mom, in 7 years he has never had one to himself (nannies at the various orphanages/homes he lived in would be the closest to a mom he has ever known) and hasn't lived with his own family in over 2 years so it will take some time.  I know it will also take some time before he knows what love is, knows that we love him and decides if he loves us and we are okay with that. Jalen loves having Fetinet here and gets so excited when he talks to him or gives him something, to Jalen this is Fetinet saying he likes him and Jalen is one happy camper when he thinks his big brother likes him.  So week 1 has came with challenges, shutting down moments, frustrations and grieveing but it has all also came with growth and bonding and we are thankful for each moment!  So now here are some pictures from my last trip and our airport welcome in Chicago and Oklahoma City!
dinner with our guest house buddies
Fetinet with his friend Shemelis that will be home in TX soon!
On our drive from Addis to Awassa
feeding monkeys in a park in Awassa
Me and my fellow PT best friend and travel buddy Jen :)
At the Haile Resort in Awassa
Welcome to Chicago, Fetinet seeing his old buddy from Ethiopia, Asheber
Fetinet meeting Binnie and Papa in Chicago
Our welcome party in OKC
Love the hearts of all these kids
Finally our family of 4 together, lots of tears and hug and kisses!!!!
Fetinet and his old buddy from Ethiopia William (Asfaw)...love how he has seen and will continue to see so many of his old roomates here in America now!

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