Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the last month....

I am so glad I am finally getting to update on here.  April was a CRAZY busy month for us and on top of it all for the last 2 weeks our internet has been off and on and not on long enough for me to get a chance to post or read anyone else blogs so I have some catching up to do :)  I am actually at McDonald's right now just to get caught up because they have wi-fi and I need to cross some things off my list badly!
  So where to begin....well, in the beginning of the month we got to go to Dallas for the weekend and meet our case worker Anyra as well as attend a Dillon/Buckner Ethiopia family reunion to meet other families who have adopted from Ethiopia through Dillon/Buckner, families who are in the process and meet with the directors of the childrens' home in Ethiopia.  We had a wonderful time and  also got a BIG step in our adoption completed...we submitted our dossier!  Of course going to Dallas also means we get to see my long time dear friend Hilary and her family so that was an added bonus!  Jalen and Jude got to play together and had a lot of fun and per usual, Hil and I were up until the early morning talking while our hubbies were sound asleep.

In the middle of the month we got to drive up to Moore, OK and hang out with some more adoptive families that we met last year and support them at their benefit dinner.  I also got to meet a couple other mamas I had been talking to online and it was so nice to put a face with a name and an email :) 
Then came Eggapalooza.  This was the first year to occur but our church had a big morning planned that consisted of pictures with the Eatser bunny, bounce houses, tours of emergency vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, etc), drinks, prizes, music and the big event a 10,000 plastic egg drop from a helicopter for all the kids to run after.  It was cold and rainy and still 7,000 people showed up!  Some of those people got to see what a crazy church we are and have came to church now for the first time in a long time....God is good :)

Easter Sunday was AMAZING!  We are out growing our church like crazy and today we went to 3 services but on Easter Sunday the kids had church where we usually do and we had church down the street at the McSwain Theater (google it if you like), it is a cut little old fashion but remodeled theater that when people come to town for small concerts or plays that is where they are held.  The worship band was awesome, the message great as usual and just overall a great start to our day.  We then headed home to have Easter lunch at our house with some new friends Kel and Leanne as well as with a college student we hadn't met that grew up in foster care and aged out of the system never having a family to call her own.  She was such a sweetheart and we loved having her and are trying to make things like this happen more for all the other "kids" in her similar position.  The meal was awesome and even better the company...a great Easter Sunday!
And now last but not least, we ended the month last night with our Lil' Buckaroo BBQ Adoption benefit dinner and silent auction.  This was to raise money for 3 families, us, the Brown's (adopting from Ghana) and the Schlups (adopting from Haiti) my post below about their stories and their blog links are listed as well.  We had so many auction items, raffle items, amazing food, dessert, drinks, music and when all was said and done........drum roll please..................we raised $4,500 to be split between us!  All the pictures are on Facebook but here are a few from the night.
 So there you have it, our April all wrapped up and now we are in May.  Our internet should be back up and running early this week so I can be more on top of things...I hope none of you thought I was done with "blog world" because I am not...don't forget to keep checking back and hopefully soon I can start catching up on your lives too, it's funny how you start missing people and wondering what is going on in people's lives that many you have never even met in person!  Have a wonderful May    xoxo


  1. It was great to meet you in person Joely. So glad you had such a great turn out! Have a great week!

  2. Hey! I hope you had fun at the auction! I loved the packages you put together with the cute that the quilt matched the boy doll so perfectly! I also reconginzed another blogger friend of mine Sarah:) Small world!

    God Bless, Rachelle

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