Monday, January 24, 2011

YES, another fundraiser...147 Million Orphans Gear!!!

Well first off I want to say we got our USCIS appointments in the mail today...February 8th, yippie!!!!  From what I have heard we should receive our approval letter within 3-4 weeks from that date which means we need to come up with our dossier submission money in that time, less than $3,000 to go. 

This also means that in 3-4 weeks we will be ending the puzzle piece fundraiser/giveaway and drawing all the winners so you still have a few more weeks at least to get your pieces/entries and can donate prizes up until the end as well :)
Super soft and comfy

NOW onto the next FUNDRAISER!!!  At the end of last year we found out about a program that 147 Million Orphans was going to be offering to adoptive families and we jumped right on board because we love them so much.  They have done SO much in so many lives of precious children, helping other families jump some of the financial hurdles of adoption, and they also just happen to have really cute and great quality gear.  We are able to now sell some of their awesome stuff and all the proceeds go towards our adoption, check out all the stuff you can get HERE

Hand-made necklace from Uganda-I LOVE mine!
Here's how it works:  I am going to be placing direct links for each item on my blog this week where you can place your order right there and pay the same way you have through our PayPal link or else you can just email me or leave a comment here with what you want and can mail a check.  Once we have the minimum required amount to place the order (about $200) we can submit the order and they will send it to us and I will get it to you!  Check out the website and see all the awesome stuff they have.  The prices listed are what you will be paying and for the 2 tees without prices (Adoption Fundraising Families Only mens brown and womens white tees) are $19.95 each.

If you don't see anything you like there, check out all of their apparel and more here.  The money will be going to great causes no matter what!

Just had to share my little angel with you tonight!

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  1. So excited for you! Just ordered a necklace...been wanting one for a while...might as well help your baby come home! I did finally start a blog...not much there yet, but I'd link to you if I can figure out how! LOL!


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