Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adoption Family Christmas Party & Some Favorites

This season I have a few recent Christmas decor additions that I just love and want to share.  The first is an ornament I ordered in support of one of my best friend's adoptions through Ordinary Hero and just love it!  If I had the money I would love a whole tree filled with these! 

My next favorite is my new Christmas card display.  I usually put them into a wreath shape but then I never get to see the whole cards so I thought I would try to hang them from little clips on ribbon...something I saw someone do with pictures and wire before.  I was looking for the wire and little metal clips and then came across these cheap little wooden ones and I think I just might like it better.
 Here is our Christmas card I hung up too...they will be going out this week once I make sure I have my address book updated.  I decided to save money this year by doing them on a 4x6 photo (SO much cheaper, I may have to start doing this every year)
My next item to share is my new ornament from a new friend Kathleen.  She is SO talented and has an Etsy shop to keep her busy, check it out at
 This is a picture from last night at our Christmas party, books from Jennifer that I cannot wait to read to Jalen as well as to our future little Ethiopian baby!
 And here's our group picture (L>R):  Jennifer and John, Matt and Sarah, Jason and I, and Clint and Kathleen.  All of us are adopting from Ethiopia, from 3 different agencies but are all at about the same timeline, give or take a few weeks.  We had so much fun, good food and drink and such good conversations.  We are so blessed to have people near us that we can go through this journey together!    We are so excited for the next get together already.


  1. super cute idea for hanging your cards... LOVE!

  2. Thanks for the Etsy love! I'm glad you liked your ornament!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!


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