Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Study Done-Bring on the Next Step!

This weekend was once again a BIG weekend....seems like we haven't had a normal weekend in quite a while!  We had our home study visit and it went just GREAT, well at least I think it did, we'll see :)   Kimberly, our social worker is so sweet and is adopted herself, as well as has 2 adopted children from Korea and one on the way, still in Korea so as she is doing home studies for other families like us, she is working on her own child's adoption as well.  The one room I couldn't get back to normal shape was the spare room because it was filled with the t-shirts that you all bought but it turned out to be good because she got to see our fundraiser at work and ended up taking a shirt home herself. 

 I just love to think about all the people around this country wearing our shirts, seriously from Washington to Florida and from Minnesota to Mississippi I am shipping all over the place and it makes me so excited.  We had an awesome response to buy the leftover shirts we had and within hours, they were GONE!  So as we do not have any more left, we will be making them again and maybe even before Christmas so I will let you know when we do.  Next time around we will be making them ourselves and may change it up a bit...different color shirts and most likely will be long-sleeve for the colder months to come.  So, thank you again for everyone's support, it means so much to us and keeps us going!  So the shirts are packed up and ready to be should be getting yours soon and we hope you love them!

Another exciting thing about this weekend was today, we are in a study at church called "Chazown" and tonight found out what our spiritual gifts and core values are and then placed them along with our past experiences to develop our "Vision" or "Chazown" in life.  I can't say I was surprised in the least at what my past, core values and spiritual gifts led to...hospitality, compassion, selflessness, respect, serving/giving, and encouragement to name a few and all leading to where we are in our life/adoption journey as we speak.  Another couple in our Life Group is going alongside Jason and I in developing our adoption/orphan ministry at our church to bring attention to the need here in our little town with hopes to expand beyond and reach out wherever we can.  We are close to having a name, mission statement, schedule of events and date of our first meeting and within the next week we should have all the information ready to is SOOOO exciting we can't wait to share with you!


  1. Hurray! Congrats on getting your Homestudy all completed! :)

    I can't wait to hear more about your orphan/adoption ministry. God is moving!

  2. I feel like such a bum when I remember how you wrap your shirts so beautifully with a card and everything. Mine were just crammed into an envelope! I think i will visit Vista Print and make some kind of card to enclose...

  3. Happy you're homestudy went well :) LOVE how you packaged the t-shirts! I can't wait to get mine and wear it. Lara, Vista Print rocks! We ordered adoption cards from there and tie them to all our fundraisers....they are cheap and help spread the word about our adoption :)

  4. What an awesome ministry you guys are starting! It is such a joy to see how the Lord is working in your lives!

  5. Yay for the homestudy! It's great to hear it went well! Ours was last Tuesday and we feel like it went well. Just ready to move on!!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you on the 11th!


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