Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where we're at right now

Well, we are getting closer to sending our official application into the adoption agency but still need to meet our goal before we can. The fees all due within the first 90 days of applying are $9,440 to be exact so we want to make sure we have at least $7,000-7,500 saved before we do so we aren't in a bind to come up with the rest in such a short time.

The first set of money goes to: application fees, home study fees, social worker expenses, program fees, agency fees, adoptive parent education, and FBI fingerprinting.

As of now, we have $4,100 saved up thanks to many of you buying our shirts, coffee, Mary Kay and through donations, as well as by cutting back on a lot of previous luxuries we once spent money on. Once we have sent in our application and have our home study completed we can start applying for grants but the first $9,000 it's up to saving and fundraising to get the job done.

The cost of international adoption is extremely high but it can be done! And, just think of what comes out of it all, the chance to love someone so deserving and the ability to save a child's life...something you can't really put a price on. We are just so anxious for our journey to officially begin and even though those of you who know us, know we are a family that is ALWAYS busy, we are looking forward to becoming even busier with paperwork and things to do to bring our sweet child home.

I would also like to mention that there are so many families doing the same thing we are I would really encourage you to look at their blogs and see what their journey is as they are different but with the end goal being the same. You can find a few that I have linked down on the right column under "other great blogs".
One in particular is a family that has already adopted but are doing what we are going to be doing as well, raising money to help feed and provide other needs to children in Ethiopia. Check out their shirts they are selling (click on the "Into the Streets of Ethiopia" button in the right column of my blog)

Of course our t-shirts are still up to buy but may only be for 1 more week depending on the turn-out and it may be the last time we have them available for a little while. If you would like a t-shirt just click in the top right corner, different shirts for women, men and kids! Prices range from $15-25 depending on the shirt.

With Love and Thanks!

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