Sunday, May 23, 2010

T-Shirts Coming Soon and Many Thank Yous!!!

We have been working hard to come up with a design for the t-shirts we are going to sell as part of our fundraising for the adoption and they are almost complete! We are so excited about them too as they turned out better than we expected. My wonderful friend Kacey and her family run Explosion Sportswear ( out of Phoenix and offered to help us with our shirts. We sent her our thoughts, images, words, fonts and color schemes and their awesome design department put it together with some of their own ideas too and made what we think are just really cool shirts. We will have the final look early this week and will be figuring out how much it will cost to make and how much we can sell them for. We have 3 different designs, one for women, men and children and have picked shirts that we think people will like to wear for comfort and style instead of a the basic thick cotton tee so we hope you all like them too. Here is part of a draft I made up so you can get an idea of what the message is on the shirts.

Once we get it all figured out, I'll send out the website you can order them from. So I will say this again but Thank You to Explosion Sportswear for donating your time and abilities to helping us raises as much money as we can!!!

Also I want to say Thank You so much to the Sheppard Family (Doug, Vanessa, Logan, Aila and baby #3 on the way) for your generosity. We miss you guys so much and appreciate your support more than you know. Also if you are reading this, please keep this family in your prayers as Vanessa is now on bed rest at under 14 weeks in her pregnancy due to some complications and all at a time when they are packing to move from AZ to TX by the end of the month!

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